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It's a food fight! If you’re looking to explore food through the lens of history, take a look at World War Food. My name is Beth Rogers and I’m the dairy queen of Iceland! Also, I'm a professional Food Historian who is interested in learning new things about food history, culinary studies, and gastrodiplomacy through war and peace in fun and unconventional ways. Check out my articles and CV, look at pictures of attempts to recreate historical recipes (blog coming soon!), and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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She can't reach the top of the whiteboard, but she's a ridiculously good researcher and project manager.


She's published more than 30 articles for both fellow academics and armchair enthusiasts.


She's extra AF in front of the classroom, and that's how she likes it. Life is brutal ... so learn with joy!


Need a course designed? A mentor for your seminar? An expert for your documentary? Worried your historical novel, screenplay, or game is full of anachronisms?
Ask Beth!


"I study educational science and I can assure you that you are awesome! You have the power to ignite the spark,
I saw it! Keep it up!"

Former student, Mannfall og Matargerð (Combat Cuisine), Fall 2021


5-star review, former student, Medieval Icelandic Sagas edX course (2018)

Glass of Milk

Why am I the dairy queen of Iceland?

My in-progress PhD dissertation crowns me the Chosen One.

I explore the cultural importance of dairy products (milk, cheese, butter and skyr) to medieval Icelanders, which will have far-reaching impacts on the fields of history, anthropology, and cultural studies. It will also benefit Icelandic food marketing and development, as well as the tourism industry.

In the future, this work will play a role in sustainable food production, management, and the value-added prospects of Icelandic dairy products as skyr and others enter new global markets.


Unlike previous agricultural studies of Iceland, this will be a food history-focused study, and will result in 1) a new analysis of textual sources, and 2) the synthesis of previously small-scale studies. The analysis of textual evidence will also construct a fully integrated understanding of the power of dairy products in physical, social, and religious spheres of medieval Icelandic society.

"War is probably the single most powerful instrument of dietary change in human experience."

Sidney Mintz

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The Dairy Queen of Reykjavik, Iceland!

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